Born:October 27, 1858

Birthplace: New York

Parents:Theodore Roossevelt Sr. and Martha Bulloch

Siblings:four siblings

First Lady:Edith Roosevelt

Children (How many, Names):four chidren, Anna, Teddy ,Elliott,and Corinne

Pets (Names and What kind):two horses and one dog

Political Experience before Presidency:assemblyman

President #:26th

Age when he became President:45

Political Party:republican

Terms and Years Served as President:8 years 2 terms

Important Events in Presidency:promised Texes would be a state

Hobbies:studied birds,wrote books,

Unusual Facts (Likes/Dislikes):shot lions, roped steer

Died:January 6, 1919

Current Age or Age at Death:61

Location of Presidential Library:New York,sagamore hill