President:Ronald Reagan

Born:Febuary 6th,1911


Parents:John Edward Reagan (dad) and Nelle Wilson Reagan (mom)

Siblings:He had an older brother named Neil Reagan

First Lady:Jane Reagan

Children (How many, Names):He had 3 children, and there name's were adopted son Michael and a girl named Maureen

Pets (Names and What kind):Lucky a Bouiver Des Flandres and another named Rex a king Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Political Experience before Presidency:Govener of California

President #:40 th president of the United states

Age when he became President: almost sevendy years old

Political Party:Rebublican

Terms and Years Served as President:Two terms and 8 years as president

Important Events in Presidency:iran contra scandel

Hobbies:Swimming and riding horses

Unusual Facts (Likes/Dislikes):Dislike hippies and likes jelly beans

Died:June 5th 2004

Current Age or Age at Death:93

Location of Presidential Library:Illinois