Researcher: Haley

President: John F. Kennedy

Born: 1917

Birthplace: Brookline,New York

Parents: Rose Kennedy and Joseph Kennedy

Siblings:Jean,Patricia,Robert,and Eunice

First Lady: Jacqueline

Children (How many, Names):2 Caroline and John jr.

Pets (Names and What kind): Welsh terreir,Tom kitten,cat,robin,canary,bluebell,Marybell,parakeets,pony,hamster,rabit

Political Experience before Presidency: U.S senator

President #:35

Age when he became President:43

Political Party: democrat

Terms and Years Served as President:2 years

Important Events in Presidency: he was assasenated

Hobbies: soccer

Unusual Facts (Likes/Dislikes):


Current Age or Age at Death:40.

Location of Presidential Library: Boston