Researcher: Laci

President: George W. Bush

Born: July 6, 1946

Birthplace: New Haven, Conneticut

Parents: George and Barbara Bush

Siblings: Brothers: Neil, Jeb, and Marvin Sisters: Dorothy, and Robin

First Lady: Laura Lane Welch Bush

Children (How many, Names): 2 twins Jenna and Barbara

Pets (Names and What kind): He has dogs, cows, and cats.

Political Experience before Presidency: George was a Texas Govener. He was managing the general partner of Texas Rangers. President #: George is the 41rst President.

Age when he became President: He was 54 when he became president.

Political Party: George was a Republican.

Terms and Years Served as President: He served for two terms and I think that would be eight years.

Important Events in Presidency: George played an role in No Child Left Behind and he also started a War on Terror

Hobbies: George liked to Cheerlead after his father and grandpa did.

Unusual Facts (Likes/Dislikes): He didn't like to travel and he liked the girls in his family.

Died: He hasn't died yet.

Current Age or Age at Death: I believe right now he is 62 years old.

Location of Presidential Library: He doesn't have a Presidential Library yet.