President:Franklin D. Roosevelt

Born:January 30th 1882

Birthplace: Hudson river

Parents: Sara and james roosevelt

Siblings: James "Rosy" Roosevelt Jr.

First Lady:Eleanor

Children (How many, Names): James roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt, Anna E. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. John Aspinwall Roosevelt

Pets (Names and What kind):Fala-Scottish Terrior, Majora-German Sheperd, Meggie-Scottish Terrier, Winks-Llewen Setter, Tiny-Old English Sheepdog, Presedent-Great Dane, Blaze-Mastiff.

Political Experience before Presidency:Farmer and land owner

President #:32

Age when he became President:50 years

Political Party: Democrat

Terms and Years Served as President: 12 years and 42 days

Important Events in Presidency:


Unusual Facts (Likes/Dislikes):

Died: April, 12 1945

Current Age or Age at Death:

Location of Presidential Library: